Virtual Session

11th Asian Conference on Multidisciplinary  Research 2023

Date : 8th November 2023

Presentation Platform : ZOOM

Time : Kuala Lumpur time

Virtual Conference open doors for publication of your abstract and/or your paper without attending the MULTIASIA2023.

You need to do :

  • Prepare 10-12 Slides (Max) covering your study.
  • The presentation will be included in the conference program
  • Present 15-20 min at given time frame
  • A presentation certificate will be issued based on the presentation.

If you do not access to good internet connection : 


– Share Power Point Presentation -Video camera on

– Share Power Point Presentation -Video camera off

– Verbal presentation – Video camera on

– Non-Physical Presentation

* We accept power point presentations of the paper from those who are unable to connect online due to poor internet access.


  •  Online oral  presentation slot
  • An abstract book (PDF) with an ISBN number
  • Conference e-Program
  • Certificate of Presentation (Digital )
  • Publication of your paper in the Asian Studies International Journal
  • Publish your paper without attending……………..
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