Prof. Tennyson Samraj (Canada) - 11th International Conference on Asian Studies 2023 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Prof. Tennyson Samraj (Canada)

Burman University- Canada

TOPIC : "Revisiting Human Rights in the Context of Equal Rights and The Right to Equal Justice in a Globalized World"

Prof. Tennyson Samraj is a portrait artist, writer, philosophy professor and world traveler. He was born in India in 1951 and immigrated to Canada in 1990 to accept the position of professor at Burman University  in Alberta, Canada. Prof. Samraj  has taught philosophy for the past 30 years. Before finding a home in philosophy he studied in many fields including history and law. He is an honorary member of the advisory board of the Unique Conferences Canada and one of the Consulting Editor ( Religion & Philosophy) of the  International Multidisciplinary Research Journal published  by the International Center for Research & Development.

Dr Monica Mastrantonio

Justus Liebig University

TOPIC: FUTURE STUDIES AND ANTHROPOCENE: A Psycho-social Study On Future Expectations

PhD in Social Psychology, psychologist and researcher in the field of Social Psychology. Member of American Psychological Association and the European Association of Applied Research. Visiting Professor at the University of York, United Kingdom from 2020 until 2023. Post-doc researcher at the Graduate Center of Studies of Culture at the Justus-Liebig University of Giessen, Germany (2022-2023). Prized winner by the Philanthropy University at the Palace Versailles – France.

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