Sixth Asian Studies International conferences 2018 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia - ICAS2018

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Abstract Book

conference-publication-process - Sixth Asian Studies International Conference in Yogyakarta, Indonesia - ICAS2018

Abstracts of the registered participants will be published in the conference abstract book with an ISBN 978-955-4543-40-9

Asian Studies International Journal (ISSN: 2279-1949)

conference-publication-journal - Publications Process of Economics , Social Sciences, Geography, Culture, Arts, Heritage and History related   conferences in Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2018

Papers of the registered participants will be published in the Asian Studies International Journal in print after the conference and a copy will be forwarded to each contributor.

Advantage of presenting at ICAS2018

  • Knowledgeable & intellectual international audience
  • Welcoming & Friendly atmosphere
  • Expect questions & suggestions to improve your research from the audience
  • You may have chance to meet many experts in your field of research at the event
  • Discuss about your research with them
  • After the conference you may need to amend your research paper
  • Take time and improve the quality of your paper
  • Select a journal and  reformat the paper according to their rules & forward

The ICAS2018 is  only a starting point ……………



Official Journal of Sixth Asian Studies International conference 2018 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia - ICAS2018

Asian Studies International Journal 

ISSN: 2279-1949 




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