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Participants are encouraged to  dealing with historical, contemporary and future issues related to Asia

Main Sub Themes

Asian Arts & Culture
Language, literature and Linguistics
Educations & Teaching
Media and film
Religious belief & terrorism
Economics and Management
Banking & e-commerce
Politics, foreign policy and international relations
Human rights & refugees

Women, Gender & sexuality
Philosophy, history, religion
Migration and Diasporas
Cultural changes & media
Health & living standard
Tourism & Leisure
Advances in Engineering
Poverty & Malnutrition
Conflict & Civil unrest

Food & Agriculture
Supply Chain Management
Aging societies
Heritage & Archeology
Governance & democracy
Social Welfare
Advances in Science & Technology

Any Other suitable topic…

1) East Asia studies

1.1 East Asian studies
1.2 Sinology
1.3 Japanese Studies
1.4 Korean studies
1.5 Okinawan studies

2) Southeast Asian studies

2.1 Malaysian Studies
2.2 Thai Studies
2.3 Indonesian Studies
2.4 Philippine Studies
2.5 Vietnam Studies
2.6 Burmese Studies
2.7 Cambodian Studies
2.8 Laos Studies


3) South Asian studies

3.1 Sri Lankan studies
3.2 Indian Studies
3.3 Dravidian studies
3.4 Pakistan Study
3.5 Nepal Study
3.6 Bangladesh Study
3.7 Bhutan Study
3.8 Maldives Study

4) Central Asian studies

4.1 Turkish Studies
4.2 Syria Studies
4.3 Uzbekistan Studies
4.4 Kazakhstan Studies


5) West Asian studies

5.1 Middle Eastern studies
I. Saudi Arabia Studies
II. Oman Studies
III. Yemen Studies
IV. Jordan Studies
V. Iraq Studies
VI. Israel Studies
VII. United Arab Emirates(UAE)

5.2 Iranian Studies

6) Asia & other continents

Asia and Europe
Asia & Africa
Asia & America
Asia & Australia


7) Special Session

Asia & Canada

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