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Some of the Papers presented at ICAS2016

An Interpretative Gulf's Perspective: Will there be a New Globalized Paradigm shift towards Asia?

Migrant writers of South Asian Muslim ancestry in Britain: Their negotiations with cultures and challenges from home

Filipina Body, Hawaiian Heart: (Re)imagining “Transpacific Femininities” in Philippine Film

Why radicalisation will continue in Indonesia to increase if the Indonesian Government doesn’t change its approach and methods of handling terrorism and radicalisation: A Study of Radicalization / Deradicalization in Indonesia

The Conflict of Solar and Luner Cults: Vedic Era

The Changes in the Landuse Patterns in Marikina: Effects to the Marikina River (1946-2009)

To Theme a Village: the race for China's intangible cultural heritage in Mianzhu, Sichuan

Metaphorical Conceptualizations of Sadness, Sorrow, and Grief in Persian

Theory-Practice Paradox among Believers

The Legacy of Silence: The Politics of Voice in Nepali Tīj

Social Empowerment through e-learning: the case of Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University in India

The Power of Name, the Frame of Identities in Nakhon Phanom

Migrant Networks and a Condition of Cosmopolitan Sociability: Understanding the Social Integration of Indian Migrants with the New Zealand Society

Asian and Asian-American Self-Conception in American Secondary Education

Two Way Street: Transnational Fashion Education as a Model for Equity and Sustainability

A Study of Parental Involvement in the Habit Formation during the Early Childhood Education

“Colonial Policies on the Control of Venereal Disease, Social Hygiene and Wartime Eugenics”

A Phenomenological – critical view on the statue of women in Iran’s Laws

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Cursillo Movement in the Philippines: Re-examining the Past, Reflecting on the Present and Rethinking the Future

Colonial Modernity, the Great Rising, and the Rebellious Maulawīs

Spatial Determinants of Japanese Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico

Attitudes, anxiety, and mathematical performance of high school students in the modular and technology-based approaches

Hill-land, Hill-people: Kaemi-Maeul an urban village and their ecological knowledge

Life Skills of Adolescent Students in Relation to Parental Involvement and Working Status of Their Mothers

Poems on Bicol as Hispanic Heritage: Inputs in Teaching Philippine Literature as History

Assessing Natural Social and Visual Processes in Historic Urban Landscapes: Case - Tiruchirapalli, India

Pungko Pungko: The Domestication of Chairs in the Philippines during the Early Spanish Colonial Period (1565-1787)

Defining nation-space and national identity: a study of contemporary Singapore Prose Fiction

Like It or Not? Hong Kong Primary School Students’ Attitudes Towards Formative Assessment

The East in the Eyes of The West in Asia: A Comparison of China’s Image in the 16th and 20th Centuries in Persian Travel Literatures

The Filipino Chinese Woman: Creation of Transnational Feminist Counterpublic in Modern Philippine Chinese Women's Short Fiction

Local Identity for Mainland China from Chinese People Abroad and Overseas: Social Inclusion and Exclusion in China

Women’s Representation in the Parliament in the new Indonesia’s Democratization

Education for Better Living: A Quest

Indian Ocean: The Lynchpin of new Maritime Silk Road

Meanings bloom in color and reflect the culture

The Preah Vihear Dispute: the Role of ASEAN Mechanisms and Norms in Settlement Attempts

Digital Story Creation among College Classrooms: Learners’ Perceptions

The impact of culture on the sustainability of the elements of Iranian architecture during Islamic period: the case of mosque in Saljogi era

Macroeconomic consequences of dependency on international remittances: Case of Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic

“Creative or Invasive? Rethinking China in the Age of Globalization and Sinification”

Recreation of India’s Socio-Cultural Past in M. M. Kaye’s Historical Novel Shadow of the Moon

Creativity in China’s High-Stakes Schooling Culture: Illusion, Aspiration, or Reality ?

Evaluate The Metal Inert Gas Welding Process Using Activated Flux On SS316L By ANN

The Effect of Community-Based Leisure Education on Coping with Youth Stress in Violence Areas in the Southern Border Provinces of Thailand

Speckle noise reduction for a portable handheld mobile ultrasound device

Landscape Elements of Highways in India: A comparison between the old and the new

Advancement of foreign policies and international relations between India and Japan

A Transforming Flag – A Comparative Research of Western and Eastern Views on Women’s Education in China, from 1992 to 2004

Taoism and Eastern aesthetics in the bicultural novel The Good Earth written by P.S. Buck

Global trade practices from Tamil Classical literature

A comparative study of letters from Tholkāppiyam and Panini

The Research Study on the Relationship between Asian Cultures and Factors that Dissuading Asianization

Mental Revolution’s Theory and Implementation in Indonesia’s Young Professional for Facing ASEAN Free Trade Market

Faith-based social capital: A study of graduates from traditional Islamic schools (dayah) in rural Aceh, Indonesia

In Pursuit of True Democracy: An Attempt to Re-Establish our constitutional Ideals

‘Bottom-up’ Approaches to Corruption Prevention in Asia

China’s Media Diplomacy in the Senkaku / Diaoyu Islands Issue

Internal and external factors influencing successful rural entrepreneurs in Malaysia

Effect of Group Counseling on Self-Esteem of Adolescent Living in Bangkok’s Slum, Thailand

Challenges of a transitional democracy in a post-election Myanmar: Cooperation or Conflict?

Securing Food in South Asia: A Sustainability Model

Metaphors of Christianity: The Literary Appropriation of Christian Topoi in Modern Japanese Literature

Escalate The Smart Economics: A study of Happiness and Gender Equality

Tibetan Diaspora in India (Adapting Life in Exile Through Religious and Spiritual Perspectives in Bodh Gaya and Sarnath)

Transformation of Indian Economy and its Challenges Ahead

The Prospect of Trilateral Cooperation: A Chinese Perspective

Culture Conflict: “Contagious Books Conception ” in the First Half of 20th Century China and its Follow-up effects

Subjective wellbeing of Peninsular Malaysia’s aboriginal people

Womens’ mall patronage intentions: impacts of attitude, subjective norm and self-efficacy in an Internationalized Shopping Centre.

Cover Songs and Copyright Law: A Sri Lankan case study

On the Archaeological Reports Published in China: From the Perspectives of Researchers

Queerly Re-Fantasizing Belonging: Racial Melancholia, Fantasy, and Second-Generation Asian Diaspora

Globalization, Confucianism and the Proliferation of Transnational Wild Geese Families

Media and the architectural taste among Iranian Women

The foreign policy of Islamic Republic of Iran toward Central Asia and how it is influenced by confrontations with the United States of America

Death Rituals of Third Gender

A phenomenological study on social network among Chinese Malaysian community in the marketing of agricultural products

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